• Tenants.com is the #1 resource for helping tenants find a great place to live, but we don't stop there!

    Tenants.com is the #1 resource for helping tenants find a great place to live, but we don't stop there!

  • Tenants.com is the #1 resource for helping tenants find a great place to live, but we don't stop there!

    Tenants.com is the #1 resource for helping tenants find a great place to live, but we don't stop there!

Tenant Help

Tenant Help

Everything a tenants needs to know! Need to get a legal question answered? Need to find help from government assistance. Have questions about your move-in, security deposit or repair issue. Need to find a great apartment near your job? It's all here!
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Find a Rental

Find a Rental

Looking to rent? Need a roommate? Find it all with our intuitive app, interactive maps and location widgets. At no cost to you, Tenants.com will do everything you need as a tenant, even providing correspondence with your landlord for applications and repairs!
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We've got plenty of resources for landlords, too. Find how to keep your tenants happy. Get helpful books on property management, articles, tenant software reviews, tenant screening services and more. Sign up for the rental app and we'll send tenants your way!
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Questions? Get our FREE eBook!

Questions? Get our FREE eBook!

Get our FREE guide "What ALL Tenants REALLY Need to KNOW". This book is full of advice, tips, and answers to questions that you have as a tenant.
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What You Should Know Before Subletting

Tenants.com Subletting Image

Tenants.com subletting agreementSo, you’re living happily in your apartment with three of your friends, when you suddenly get a great job offer that requires you to move to another city . . . what’s the problem? Your lease doesn’t end for another six months and you can’t pay two rent checks each month. At this point, subletting seems like the best option for you, and maybe it is. How can you make sure the sublease process goes smoothly for you and your roommates?

Subleasing is when the current tenant rents their property out to another tenant. The new tenant is then required to pay rent and follow the terms of the lease. But the catch is that the current tenant usually still holds the overall responsibility according to the terms of the lease. A huge part of subleasing is making sure that you find a good lessee. Because the responsibility of the property still falls on you, you want someone who will take care of the property and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Subleasing can is a great option if handled properly. However, some tenants are taking advantage of a hot rental market and profiting from it, causing all sorts of problems. Airbnb offers a service that allows site visitors to rent extra rooms or even empty couches. This is becoming a big issue in large cities, since it usually violates the lease agreement and the people paying for the short term rental are not properly vetted. Unless the lease permits subletting, this action could allow the landlord to evict the original tenant. It may even violate city ordinances or local law.

If you are on good terms with your landlord, and need to sublet, you should ask for a sublet agreement. You may need to pay the landlord a fee to draft and execute the document. The agreement might have the following terms:

  1. A defined starting and ending date
  2. A statement that “Any and all subtenants shall be required to conform to all obligations and covenants of the Tenant as set forth in the above-described lease, all provisions of said lease remaining in full force and effect for the entire term of the sublease.”
  3. A requirement that the subletting person sign a separate lease agreement.
  4. A statement that the original tenant is not released from any responsibility as set forth in the original lease.

As a tenant with a valid lease in force, even if you sublease, you must always remember that you are responsible for the actions of the person you sublease to. So you must be careful in choosing whom you rent to, and maintain contact to be sure things are going smoothly. If you think that your move will be permanent, it might be a better idea to help the landlord find a suitable replacement, and have the landlord release you from the lease completely. That might enable you to get your security deposit back, and absolve you from any further responsibility.

Where can Austin tenants find help?

QuestionIf you live in Austin Texas, you know there are lots and lots of rental properties. Sure, it’s easy for Austin tenants to find a good apartment or rental home near their job or school. But what happens when there is a problem?

Too often tenants are so excited to get moved in and get on with their lives in their new location, they neglect to take the time to explore some of the things that could come back to bite them later. One of the major items is the lease they sign. Most apartment leases are standardized, but many are not. Even at that, the tenant may face additional rules and regulations that are officially tagged on to the lease. Guess what? Those add-ons are legally binding. Often the leases are 10 or more pages of tiny legal blab. Why read it? Ask the tenants that are involved in legal hassles in Austin right now.

Besides the lease, there are SO many things that can go wrong. Your rental could be burglarized, damaged by your neighbors trash can fire, the building could be sold or foreclosed on, your roommate might bail on you, a rock band might be rehearsing on the other side of your bed, the water pipes could bust, well, you get the picture.

Where can tenants get help in Austin? We’ve provided some resources for you below. Keep this list handy, chances are you will need it someday!


First, our own website http://www.Tenants.com is a GREAT resource for tenants on many levels. You can find a great place to live in your zip code, hook up with a roommate, find a moving company, learn about the potential problems in your lease, deal with your landlord, get legal advice, and find a WEALTH of information that will help you as a tenant.

Here are some more valuable resources in Austin TX:

Austin Tenant Council

You may contact the Austin Tenants’ Council, 1640B East 2nd Street, Suite 150 Austin, TX 78702, (512) 474-1961, www.housing-rights.org

Texas Tenant Advisor

This website is intended to provide residential tenants of Texas with general information.  We do not have sufficient resources to help tenants individually.  Because the law constantly changes and your situation is unique, we do not warrant or guarantee that the information on this website is current or applicable to your situation. 

The Attorney General of Texas


The relationship between Texas landlords and their tenants is governed by several statutes, particularly Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code, and by various court rulings. However, the most important source of information about your relationship with your landlord is your rental agreement, whether it is written or oral.



Helping low-income individuals solve civil legal issues.



Welcome to the Tenant Rights section of FindLaw’s Real Estate Center, providing information and resources to help tenants (also referred to as “renters”) know their rights when entering into a rental agreement. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment or house, need help understanding the landlord-tenant laws in your state, or are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute – this section will get you up to speed. The following articles will help you understand your rights as a tenant, how lease and rental agreements work, payment of rent and security deposits, tenant safety, landlord liability, the eviction process, and more. This section also provides links to state landlord-tenant laws, with tips on hiring a real estate lawyer.

To speak with a qualified attorney about a tenant-landlord issue, you can go to the site: http://www.tenants.com/tenant-legal-questions/

Sometimes, tenants just need to find some forms to create an agreement. We’ve provided those forms at http://www.tenants.com/legal-forms-for-tenants/. There are forms such as a co-habitation or roommate agreement, sublease agreement, affidavits, lease assignment agreement and more.

Tenants.com is dedicated to you, the tenant. We love tenants, and hope that your stay is worry free and fun!


Tenants.com CEO interviewed for Realtor.com magazine

Tenants.com Article - Tenant CleaningWayne Gathright, president of Tenants.com was recently interviewed for a Realtor.com News and Advice article.  The subject of the article was ‘Want Your Security Deposit Back? You’d Better Do These Things‘, penned by author Angela Colley.

The article was written to help tenants recover their security deposit by providing tips and advice on often overlooked or forgotten things. Many times a tenant can overlook a small item that results in a big bite out of their security deposit. If there is a dispute about the deposit, the tenant often gets the ‘short end of the stick’ because they may not have the funds on inclination to pursue legal action in order to get their security deposit back.

Gathright said “To really make sure you get what’s owed, you’ll have to get what most tenants miss. Sweep behind appliances, scrub drip pans and stove elements, mop behind the toilet, and wipe inside drawers” among many other helpful tips. The complete article can be found at http://www.realtor.com/advice/rent/want-your-security-deposit-back-you-need-to-do-these-things/

Tenants.com is becoming the leader in advice and help for tenants around the world. We welcome author contributions that are helpful to tenants, such as do-it-yourself repairs, lease advice, suggestions on how to find a good roommate, or anything that will contribute to better communication between tenants and landlords. Our goal is to help make the tenant knowledgeable about their responsibilities and rights during their stay in a rental property.





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